Friday, October 22, 2010


Standing (Left to Right): F Patel, F Fredericks, Y Kharodia, B Valod, A.S Coovadia, M Bayant, Mister Khalak (Patron Manager)
Standing Second Row (Left to Right): S. Patel, A Sujee, AS Essack, Y Bismilla, A Mustapha, F Patel, AS Ally, H Khalek, Y Coovadia.
Sitting, First Row, Chairs-Officials (Left to Right) Yosuf Bhana (Secretary-Treasurer), A Saloojee (Vice Captain), A Mohamed (Life President), E. Moosa (Captain), E Bhayat (Chairman)
Sitting, Second Row (Left to Right): R Ismail, AK Mukam, GH Dadabhay
Winners: Transvaal League 1963 T,I,F.A
All-Day Kock-out 1964 S.T.F.U

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